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SugarCRM Partner and Modules Store


SugarCRM is unlike any other customer experience (CX) platform in the market: It is the industry’s first and only no-touch, time-aware CX platform.

Our time-aware solution enables you to harness customer data and time to proactively discover actionable insights and next actions.

“No-touch” enables users to spend less time entering and finding customer information, and more time actually doing high-value work.

Through continuous cloud innovation—unmatched by even the largest names in CRM—Sugar provides the most modern, durable, and future-proof customer experience platform on the market.

Most importantly, “customers for life” is both a continuous product objective and a solemn business commitment to SugarCRM.

To help your team further we have created SugarCRM modules store where you can find premium SugarCRM modules that expand and add new features to SugarCRM.

All modules are offered as installable packages so that your team can start using them as soon as possible.

4 step process to start using our SugarCRM modules

Download SugarCRM module

Download SugarCRM module you have purchased, and documentation provided.